Fans Fantom Xl 24 Fan-black

  • Fans Fantom Xl 24 Fan-black
    Fans Fantom Xl 24 Fan-black
    Lava Heat Italia
    More than just another mist cooler, the FanTom is a major breakthrough in cooling technology. Utilizing LavaG«÷s proprietary ultrasonic design, the FanTom atomizes water, dispersing it via a 3-speed, 24" fan. Scented oils can be added to the water, allowing the unit to double as an air freshener. The sturdy plastic construction will never rust, and the water atomization process virtually eliminates calcification. A set of casters guarantees easy portability.The FanTom reduces ambient temperature by up to 30%, in either dry or humid climates. The 3-gallon tank has a garden hose hookup, with a leveler control to prevent water waste. It also reduces cooling bills, using only 1/10 of 1% of the power drawn by an air conditioner. And since air conditioners only work indoors, the FanTom is obviously the better buy. Remote Controlled Materials: Plastic Battery Not required Electrical Product 5 yrs Limited Warranty Dimensions: 66"H x 22"W x 22"D
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